We welcome donations at every level.


(Each level will receive rewards for all lower funding categories)

Executive Producer: $10,000 and up
Highlighted in promotional material and film introduction and credits. Full access to filming and participation in creative process.

Project Sponsor: $5000 to $10,000
Share your views on camera about new mobility and be on the website and be featured in the credits of the film and promotional materials.

Project Partner: $1000 to $5000
Project Partner will be listed in the credits of our film.

Friend of the Project: $100 to $1000
Friends of the project are invited to come join us on-site during a day of filming

Contributor: $25 to $100 - We will send you a link to download a copy of the finished film. 

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Project Budget




Funded-to-date $ 185,000




Project total $245,000

Completed Interviews to date

Promotional websites & keynote presentations

Project research & management



Final editing to finish the film. (Indiegogo Campaign)

(We plan to launch the campaign on September 30th 2017)





Timeline (estimated)

2017 October - December------------------------------------ Rough cut edit

2017-2018 December - January -----------------------  Final edit and B Roll

2018 February - March -------------------- Post Production (grading, music, graphics) Film launch

2018 April - May ----------------------------------- Marketing & Distribution


Hodge Arts


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