Life on wheels

 A story of the coming mobility revolution



The film


Life on Wheels tells the urgent story of a culture on the verge of a revolution that will transform our economy, our environment, and the rhythms of our everyday lives. In this feature length documentary, David and Hi-jin Hodge, along with a team of mobility mavens, technologists, and dreamers, takes viewers on a journey through the highways, back alleys, and futurescapes of transportation - how we get from here to there. We will shock viewers with the dark reality of our current auto-centric transportation system and we will delight and inspire them with new possibilities and stories of change. The subject of mobility has vast implications. It touches our core values of freedom, health & safety, and happiness. It hits our pocket books and impacts how we spend our time and energy. It literally shapes our landscapes and cities and it drives our economy. 


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What the experts say...

Over a million people in the world die every year and three times that many are injured or maimed. Or two people die every minute of the day in an automobile. In the US alone, 40 000 people die every year. It’s like having a major train crash every other day
— Thilo Koslowski - VP Gartner
What we have today is something we didn’t anticipate, which is the paving over the world for tools that double glaze the planet
— Paul Hawken - Environmentalist
The two opposing autonomous vehicle projections are that most households will retain at least one personal vehicle and that almost no-one will bother to own one because it will be so cheap and convenient to dial-a-robocab. While the on-demand scenario occurs to many thought-leaders as preferable, this is neither guaranteed to occur, nor has it been determined how such fleets might be governed to achieve a high level of optimization with respect to time, energy and fleet size.
— Bern Grush - Co-author - end of driving
In the US Today it costs about nine thousand dollars a year to operate your own car. It’s 18% of your household income yet it’s only used 5% of the time.
— Robin Chase - Founder of Zip Car
My friend moved to NYC. He said I’m keeping my car no matter what. A week later he sold it. It’s about a personal mind-shift mixed with the improving technologies and or infrastructure
— Brad Templeton - Entrepreneur, Futurist
Small particles from vehicle emissions called “Soot” cause 25,000 premature mortalities every year.
— Mario Molina - Nobel Laureate
In many congested cities an average motorist will commute about 75 minutes each workday. About 30 of these minutes, are lost to congestion. Assuming a five-day work week, after 32 years, a motorist will have spent two years standing in traffic.
— Bern Grush - co-author - End of Driving



David and Hi-Jin Hodge have created films and video installations for a variety of clients and artistic exhibitions for museums around the world. Their pieces typically blend editorial materials and innovative uses of technology to explore complex human and social questions. Above all, they create cohesive work that identifies foundational principles and expands on them through multiple viewpoints.